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Applied Marketing Research Blog

The Case for Longitudinal Studies

By Donald Phipps, Founder-CEO, Applied Marketing Research As a researcher, I’m surprised by how some companies are stuck in what I call the “snapshot paradox.”  These firms view research as a way to solve a current marketing dilemma while failing to think of research...

Interview with Earnestine Benford on Millennial Segmentation Research

Earnestine Benford’s new ebook, Millennial Research – A Case For Segmentation, is a great read. I caught up with Ms. Benford for an interview about the book and her recommendations regarding the Millennial generation, its characteristics, and how to conduct research on this vital group.

In-depth Interview – A Tried and True B2C and B2B Technique

Recently I finished an in-store in-depth interview project that captured shopper insights on video.  The project examined issues related to how a product was selected, brand preference, labeling, in-store strategies, and attitude and usage amongst shoppers who...

Mobile vs. PC Responses To a Survey Using Long Lists

Being cognizant of the additional testing require to run a survey on mobiles vs. PCs, the extra time required to complete a survey on a mobile vs. a PC, and the tendency to experience higher drop rates on a mobile vs. a PC should help researchers complete projects successfully while minimizing sampling effects based on the device itself.